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Security and I&I Products in water, wastewater and gas industries.


Construction Services

Rehabilitation services in water and wastewater.



Senior level operations and engineering expertise.


MMKC Infrastructure Inc.

MMKC is a specialized company focused on the operational and rehabilitation needs of utility clients in the water, wastewater and gas industries.  MMKC provides specialized products and construction services to a wide range of government and private clients.

MMKC’s core services include:

  • Production, sales and installation of protective devices for water chambers and manhole structures
  • Infiltration and inflow coating installation services for wastewater manholes/sewers and water infrastructure (valves and other chambers)
  • Other specialized anticorrosive and leak protection coatings for various asset applications
  • Engineering and operations consulting support the water and wastewater industry
  • Installation of all Parsons Environmental Products

MMKC brings a combined team of Professional Engineers and experience operational staff to our clients.  Combined with access to a full staff compliment of trained infrastructure field staff, MMKC will address your asset operational and rehabilitation needs.

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