ValveSecure is a device that provides easy identification and protection for valves.

Product Benefits:

MMKC-Valve-Secure• Confirmed energy savings by ensuring pressure zone valves remain closed. One 6” valve left open with a pressure differential of 40psi accounts for an additional $20,000 annual operating costs.
• Manage pressure zone valves – reduce over pumping, saving hydro and chemical costs.
• Identifying pressure zone valves will also mitigate water transients and high pressure transfers to low pressure zones, reducing leakage and subsequent watermain breaks. Damage to Commercial and Residential homes, Back Flow Preventers, Check valves and Pressure Reducing valves.
• Less risk to staff, public and infrastructure in the event of main breaks. The ValveSecure™ provides quick absolute identification to frontline operators.
• Increased operator safety – no need to enter confined spaces, resulting in decreased operators for valve verification.
• Fewer operating errors – implement your municipal colour coding system, including identifying the the direction of valve closure and increase operators confidence and system knowledge.
• Fewer mitigation cost for emergency failures and improved isolation time. Resulting in reduced costs for customer service and environmental impact.
• Lack of delineation between transmission and distribution systems will no longer be a dilemma when implementing the ValveSecure™ system.
• Suitable, engineered and designed specifically for water, waste water and gas valves.
• The ValveSecure™ system is the new solution or multi jurisdictional control and municipal infrastructure identification.
• Real time, on-site field valve identification.
• Custom colours tailored to your municipal requirements of valve identification.

Valve Secure System Security

• Colour coded dishes identify system valves & provide operational security by reducing operator errors & increasing safety:
• Zone Valves, Future System Extensions & Municipal Tie-Ins stay closed.
• Pressure Reducing Valves & Check Valves stay open.
• Identifies temporary valve settings, including Emergency Shutdowns, System Isolation & Commissioning/Isolation plans for new construction

Valve Secure

Designed to support multiple infrastructure valve type/industries and reduces risk to staff, the public and the systems.


• PROTECTIVE DISH catches silt & other debris that can impact asset operation.
• FILTER CLOTH allows water to drain protecting against freezing.
• ID TAGS & FABS make sure you know what valve your working on.

Highlights of Valve Secure:

• ValveSecure is a device that provides easy identification and protection for valves.
• ValveSecure products are tracked using a web based GIS platform highly specialized on management of municipal infrastructure assets.

The tracking software includes:

  • Inventory Management (Precise Location and function identification)
  • Access to operational and critical information about assets
  • Work Orders (tracking/planning and closeout)
  • Integration with Maintenance Management Systems like CityWorks, IBM Maximo and Hansen
  • Reporting dashboards for operations and management.


Physical Protective Dish
  • Traps debris and sediment to protect valve
  • Colour coded to identify type of valve


  • isolation valves
  • boundary valves
  • transmission lines
  • etc.


ValveSecure Software
ValveSecure Management software works as an intranet or hosted HTML application. Users connect to the assets database using TCPIP security.

Valve Secure MMKC Infrastructure

Supported Platforms


Touch Pad MMKC Infrastrure

Android/IOS/Windows Tablets

Mobile Phone MMKC Infrastructure


Software Requirements for Intranet version
Windows MMKC InfrastructureWindows OS.
SQL Server Express 2008 R2 or higher
IIS 7 or higher/Apache 2.0 or higher
PHP 5.x or higher
MY SQL MMKC InfrastructureMapguide Open Source/Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server
Any web browser that supports HTML5
Maintenance/Support package required
PHP MMKC INfrastructure
Google Chrome
Software Requirements for Hosted Solution
Google ChromeWeb browser that supports HTML5 (secure access to data)
Subscription based or site licensing options.
No upfront software or hardware cost
Inventory Management
GIS Functionality
Clients can use their own GIS layers and/or
Commercial web layers available for free (Openlayers, Microsoft Bing Maps, Google Maps)
Valves can be located using traditional survey, GPS equipment or directly in the map interface.
Each product is uniquely identified and linked to ValveSecure’s inventory management tool through a QR Code.
Phone with Tack
QR Code
Access to Valve Information
Immediate access to valve features on site (Valve Type, Function, Size,etc.)
Access to Operational and Maintenance data (Direction to open, number of turns)
Capture current onsite data (condition, position, pictures, road conditions, valve box conditions, etc.)
Phone in Hand
Valve Assembly
Phone and Map
Work Order Management System
Work Order ManagementCreate and assign work orders against all valves for preventive and reactive maintenance.
Field staff can access and manage their work schedule from mobile devices or laptops.
Access and close out of work orders (including tracking maintenance frequencies, onsite performance)
Track and Report field maintenance activities against assets or operational areas (due diligence/justification of preventative maintenance history)
Links to Corporate Systems and Reports
LinksAll information stored in ValveSecure’s program can be fully integrated with corporate systems (GIS, Maintenance Management, Financial, etc)
Inventory, Operational, Condition, Maintenance and performance information can be easily reported and extracted into spreadsheets and other reporting tools.
Clients own their data (full access and control)
Standard and customize reporting available within the software

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